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Guzman M.D.

Guzman M.D.

Guzman M.D. is a New York plastic and cosmetic surgery office located in the Manhattan and Westchester areas. Dr. Guzman needed an updated, mobile responsive setup, so we completely reskinned, designed, and redeveloped their entire site from front to back. Check out their beautiful work.

I have to compliment the beautiful job that Klouder did on Dr G’s website. Creative, knowledgeable and patient, an all-around pleasure to work. I was dazzled by the attention to detail and commitment to getting this project completed so quickly.

Our old site was so outdated that I believe it was actually a detriment, Klouder learned the nuances of our business in order to best showcase Dr Guzman’s talents. You can be assured that we will be recommending Klouder to all of Doc’s colleagues and or anyone else in need.

Louisa Guadagno
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