Our Work

Below you will find some examples of work we have done. If there is something specific that you don't see, please don't hesitate to get in touch. We are confident that we can accomodate anyone, anywhere, and in any industry.

RepBox CRM add
RepBox CRM close

RepBox is a SAAS website for providing a CRM Sales Platform for Manufacturer's and Manufacturer Sales Reps. The website serves as a landing and informational home for the RepBox Web-App. We've integrated stripe subscription and payment API with sign up, which takes you to your own RepBox.

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Above the Noise add
Above the Noise close

Above the Noise Foundation is a non-profit foundation geared toward not just spreading awareness of addiction and recovery, but celebrating recovery by throwing on sober-based music festivals. Packed with a festival calendar, ticket purchasing, user login, a contest for bands to enter and users to vote, and more - this website is full of ...

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Guzman M.D. add
Guzman M.D. close

Guzman M.D. is a New York plastic and cosmetic surgery office located in the Manhattan and Westchester areas. Dr. Guzman needed an updated, mobile responsive setup, so we completely reskinned, designed, and redeveloped their entire site from front to back. Check out their beautiful work. 

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STACIE Helps add
STACIE Helps close

STACIE Helps is a multidisciplinary consulting firm with expertise in the behavioral health system. The website serves as an informational site for all services offered, a history, and way to contact the organization. STACIE Helps is a beautiful example of capturing users straight from the home page. 

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Stenson Landscape add
Stenson Landscape close

Stensonland is a landscaping company serving Dallas and the greater Dallas area. Stenson needed a reskin of their website, as well as some strong SEO techniques to boost their ranking in search. We through Wordpress on the back of this baby and connected it with a CDN for better performance. Check out their work!

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Peak Performance add
Peak Performance close

Peak Performance is an international online store providing athletic apparel for both men and women. The website utilizes user accounts where shoppers can store their shopping carts and return to them whenever for purchase. In short, Peak Performance is a large-scale international ecommerce website. 

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TruthTalks Workshops add
TruthTalks Workshops close

TruthTalks Workshops provide the unique opportunity for parents of active substance abusers to dialogue with young adults in solid recovery. Based out of Los Angeles, this website needed a unique design to combat against the stigma of addiction. 

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The Lodge Records add
The Lodge Records close

The Lodge is a professional recording studio operating out of Brentwood (Los Angeles). The website includes SoundCloud API and Youtube. In development still is an online music shop to buy their explicit beats and tracks.

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Sun Behavioral add
Sun Behavioral close

SUN Behavioral Health is a network of treatment centers around the country. They needed 3 unique sites done for multiple locations, with consistent branding, yet their own unique feel. SUN Columbus, SUN Kentucky, and SUN Houston.

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Casa Colina Treatment add
Casa Colina Treatment close

Casa Colina Treatment is another drug and alcohol rehab located outside of Dallas Texas. Their website is built mainly in HTML, CSS, and Javascript, with some backend PHP functionality for dynamic features. 

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Gaston House Transitions add
Gaston House Transitions close

Gaston House is an all male transitional sober living house, located in Dallas Texas, that offers a structured environment. Gaston House needed a dynamic website built on the Wordpress CMS so their staff could update blog posts and content on their own.

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Beacon Counseling add
Beacon Counseling close

Beacon Counseling is a counseling office located in Austin Texas. They needed a simple site built in pure HTML, CSS, and Javascript for general information about their services. We slapped bootstrap on as a framework for mobile responsiveness.

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Hebert Counseling add
Hebert Counseling close

Another counseling website for a practice located in Dallas Texas. Clinical therapist, Travis Hebert, needed a quick, mobile responsive page for his clients to find any information about him. HTML, CSS, Javascript and Bootstrap.

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Dr. Todd Clements add
Dr. Todd Clements close

Another pure HTML, CSS, and Javascript website utilizing modernizer for clear web browsing. Dr. Todd Clements is a seasoned psychiatrist practicing out of Jonesboro Arkansas.

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